FATCA Reporting

(IDEaSy is now part of TRSuite)

Proven across last reporting years the IDEaSy software is updated for US FATCA XML 2.0 reporting schema and integrated into our tax reporting software: TRSuite.
Preparing and filing electronic FATCA XML reports need not be an expansive and laborious task. TRSuite FATCA prepares properly formatted electronic files, which are ready for filing with every jurisdiction following the FATCA XML 2.0 standard. Avoid the stress of creating and maintaining XML files that comply with the IRS schema.

Global Information Reporting with TRSuite

With the enactment of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the United States wishes to ensure that all accounts held abroad by US taxpayers can actually be taxed. FATCA is a unilateral set of US regulations that applies worldwide for all countries. It requires foreign financial institutions to disclose information on US accounts to the IRS. Our solutions support all types of financial institutions and models, IDES and most country specific schemas and portals.


All types of financial institutions (FFIs) are supported, including sponsoring entities, territorial financial institutions and intermediaries. The software prepares properly formatted electronic files, which are ready for filing with every jurisdiction. Avoid the stress of creating XML files that comply with the IRS schema. We continuously update all solutions to ensure compatibility with all schema changes and home country tax authority portals supported.
Under the Model 2 IGA the partner jurisdiction agrees to direct and enable all relevant FFIs located in the jurisdiction to report specified information about their U.S. accounts directly to the IRS. The International Data Exchange Service (IDES) is the electronic delivery point where Financial Institutions (FI) and Host Country Tax Authorities (HCTA) can transmit and exchange FATCA data with the United States.

IDES Data Transmission and File Preparation process

As the IDES Data Transmission and File Preparation process is quite complex TRSuite IDES will help you to do all with one tool with only a few clicks. Just enter all required information into the configuration screen and start the process. The output is a validated, encrypted, signed, ready-to-upload zip-file. As an optional step, the tool can generate the required sender meta data XML-file.


Main Menu

Main Menu

The Main window is the launch point for the entire application. You can select the licensed module in the modules button bar and perform the module specific tasks within main area of the module. Each module comes with its own module menu and detail area.

Form 8966 Reporting


Generate NIL, Pool or Account Holder reports. Import data from XML or XLS. Void/Amand/Correct previously filed reports. Further more TRSuite comes with a simple to use spreadsheet template to collect your data and transform it into the FATCA XML 2.0 XML schema.

Excel Template

FATCA XML 2.0 Excel Template

Simply enter your clients 8966 information into our user-friendly MS Excel Template, load it into the application and create your FATCA XML 2.0 file.

IDES Reporting


For direct submission to the US IRS IDES gateway, we also offer a signing and data packaging module. Digitally sign and encrypt files for IDES/HTCA and generate a valid transmission archive following the defined IRS naming conventions.Decrypt messages received from IDES gateway.
Some more jurisdictions are providing automated upload facilities and we are adding support for these as they become available.

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